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Have you been to Bucharest city center?

Try a historic overview

5 best day trips from Bucharest

Do you fancy breathtaking views or prefer horseback riding through forests? Are you curious of trying local wine or visiting castles with mysterious stories?

Bucharest Nightlife

Bucharest nightlife has become a major attraction factor to tourists in extended city breaks.

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Concorde Tours

Discover Old Bucharest sights by foot!
If you want to discover all the cultural hotspots in Bucharest, you’re in the right place. Concorde Hotel offers you especially conceived 3-hour trips, on foot, in the company of our guides who are prepared to reveal the charm of Romania's capital city. Guided tours may depend on visiting opening hours of the touristic sites.

Bucharest Tours
Bucharest tours to take when wanderlust strikes

Bucharest tours are a great way to discover the city's most amazing sights. Concorde Old Bucharest Hotel guides you to the most informative, entertaining and memorable tours available.

Discover Little Paris!
Discover Little Paris!

The tour of the capital city on a bike offers an energy boost in the program of the tourists that want to discover the historic Bucharest.

The Legacy of the Communist Era
The Legacy of the Communist Era

The Communist regime has etched deep scars on the face of the city, as living testimonials of recent history.

The Stories of Orthodox Monasteries
The Stories of Orthodox Monasteries

The perfect occasion to learn the fascinating stories of the Orthodox Monasteries near Bucharest, life 300 years ago and the legendary facts about Dracula.

grigore-antipa-bucharest history museum
Dive into Local Culture

Are your curious about what’s inside the elegant museums of Bucharest? What cultural treasures can’t wait to tell you a story inside those imposing walls?

places to visit in Bucharest Macca-Villacrosse
Things to see in Bucharest on a 3 day trip

There are many places to visit in Bucharest, but if you are here only for a few days, make the best of it with the help of our step by step guide!

Shopping in Bucharest - Unirea Shopping Center
Chilly weather? Time to go shopping in Bucharest!

Shopping in Bucharest is a fun activity, and the modern, beautifully designed malls and stores will make your shopping spree even more memorable! Enjoy a variety of fashion styles and brands ...

Right where the fun is!

Mornings with 19th century vibes, over coffee and a warm croissant, on the Franceză Street. Evenings with street carnivals, buskers and troubadours, florists with rose baskets, aromas and influences from around the world.