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Eye catching reasons to pick your accommodation in the Old City of Bucharest

Happy travelers of the world, if you are looking for excitement and novelty, come to Bucharest, the capital city of Romania! Filled with fun and memorable events such as street food festivals, interactive art and theatre shows as well as clubbing til morning in the area of the Old City of Bucharest, this place is a wonderful choice for a city break destination.

Being the largest city in Romania, it is its cultural, industrial and financial centre, and one of the most affordable capital cities in the European Union.

Bucharest, which was established as the capital city of Romania way back in 1862, has an interesting mixture of old and new architecture, which creates the city’s own personality. Seeing the past and the present combining in the urban landscape gives Bucharest a feeling of uniqueness some people simply fall in love with!

This combination of old and new is particularly obvious in the Old Town or Old City. The Old City in Bucharest, located right in the city’s center, is one of the liveliest areas which attracts tourists and locals alike.

Discover why the Old City in Bucharest is worth exploring and what are the elements which make it an attractive destination for your city break trip!

The Old City is the only pedestrian area in the Bucharest


Just a few years ago, the Old City Center of Bucharest became a strictly pedestrian zone, following the example of other large European cities which have had for some time a strictly pedestrian policy in historical areas.

The locals were thrilled about this decision, especially since Bucharest is known to have had  some problems with car traffic in the area. Ever since the Old City in Bucharest became a pedestrian-only area, it attracted people and businesses such as clubs, cafes and trendy restaurants. The breath of contemporary aesthetics and international cuisine which was unknown to locals until this renaissance of the Old City in Bucharest brought the area back to life and transformed it into a hotspot. Today, in the Old City of Bucharest, you can go to rooftop bars such as Pura Vida Sky bar or Nomad Sky Bar and have a bird’s-eye view of the area while you’re dancing and enjoying cocktails, or you can walk on the cobblestone streets and encounter street performers who will bring a smile on your face.

The ”reopening” of the Old City as a pedestrian-only area has marked a cultural and economic boom in Bucharest.

Buildings were restored, and among them, the façade  of an 1878 building which had the eclectic style of that period of time. Behind the unique façade on 38-42 Franceză Street (which is one of the oldest streets in Bucharest) you will discover the Concorde Experience of Concorde Old Bucharest Hotel, a modern and stylish 4 star accommodation which is a comfy haven from the Old City’s famous vibrant energy! But let’s learn more about what you will discover as you stroll freely through Bucharest’s single pedestrian area...


Dracula’s residence across from cafes and shops


Many people have heard about the legend of Dracula, the vampire from Transylvania. The Gothic novel written by Bram Stoker was inspired by prince Vlad III the Impaler, who, in 1459 had decided to make Bucharest his residence. The Old Princely Court (Curtea Veche) was erected in the mid-16th century. Under the following rulers of Vlad “Dracula” Țepeș, Bucharest was established as the summer residence of the royal court and in 1698 it became the permanent location for the Wallachian court.

Today, the ruins of The Old Princely Court stand in their place after so many centuries, guarded by the bust of Vlad Țepeș (Vlad Dracula the Impaler).

This medieval sight is one of the most important landmarks in the Old City of Bucharest. Near the Old Princely Court, you can visit and admire the princely church, which has been built in 1559. This is the oldest religious building in Bucharest which has maintained its original aspect, and it also is Vlad The Impaler’s burial ground.

Across from this medieval landmark, there is a restaurant which used to be part of the oldest hotel in Bucharest, Hanul lui Manuc. The restaurant serves traditional Romanian cuisine in a wonderful, historical atmosphere. Here you can sit on the terrace or go inside, where usually live music is playing in the evenings.

Around the area there are souvenir shops as well as retailers, making it a great place to buy some memorabilia.


A place of hedonism


The Old City in Bucharest, especially in the spring and summer, is where everybody goes to on weekends to party and have fun with friends. Pub crawls are organized in the area, and the restaurants here are truly spectacular as they are located in historical buildings. You can enjoy authentic Romanian cuisine, as well as international specialities in century old locations with an interior design that will make you feel like you are in a film!

Also, fast food places, from Greek to Turkish specialities can be found in the area close to Fraceză Street, a few meters away from Concorde Old Bucharest Hotel! Gyros, kebaps and shawarmas fill the Old City of Bucharest with flavours and  loyal customers. Unlike ethnic fast food places in other European capitals, in Bucharest you will get served with all the toppings, fries included! The price for a wrap at these fast food places is around 3 to 5 Euros. Being delicious, plentiful and affordable, it is no wonder that the Romanian operated fast food industry is so popular, especially in the Old Town! Dristor Kebab is probably the most famous shawarma place in Bucharest for its delicious wraps. Try one yourself!

The pubs and clubs in the Old City of Bucharest are various - there’s something for everybody to enjoy. From Irish pubs to rocker’s clubs, shot bars, rooftop bars and hot dance clubs, you can be sure that you will find all the entertainment you desire in this vibrant area of Bucharest. Everybody’s in for a good time that lasts from dusk till dawn!


Chill out in 4 star comfort


If you’re in the mood to discover the heart of Bucharest, with its fun filled nightlife and historical monuments which tell the mesmerizing story of a strong and cosmopolitan spirit, you are invited to be part of the action by staying at Concorde Old Bucharest Hotel! This hotel is one of the few Bucharest hotels which are situated in the Old City. Concorde Old Bucharest Hotel is actually located on the “edge” of the Old Town, and it has two access points: one from 38-42 Franceză Street, and the other from 2D, Splaiul Independenței, one of the main boulevards of Bucharest which connects the North-Western side of the city to the South-Eastern side.

Because of this positioning, the rooms at Concorde Old Bucharest Hotel have a view either over the Old City or over the boulevard and the Palace of Justice, which was constructed at the end of the 19th century. When you’re staying in this chic, 4 star hotel, you can admire historical sights from the comfort of your modern accommodation.

The facilities you have here are everything you need for a relaxing and pleasant stay: free fast speed Wi-Fi, multimedia apps and smart flat screen TV, minibar, air conditioning systems, complimentary coffee, comfortable beds with memory foam mattresses, centralized access control, hypoallergenic pillows. Plus rooms with a balcony, pull-out sofas, extra bed or baby crib on demand and enough space to make you feel at home.

The friendly staff is always there for you, with recommendations for things to see in Bucharest and wonderful room service.

This hotel is the smartest choice for accommodation in Bucharest when you’re on a city break, because it is located in the fun filled Old City, but it’s also hidden away from the noise and music of the clubs and terraces. The windows ensure a good phonic isolation, so after a night of eating, drinking and dancing, you will easily fall asleep in the comfort of your room.

When you choose Concorde Old Bucharest Hotel, you don’t need to worry about getting a cab ride to the accommodation. All the clubs, restaurants and historical landmarks are within a short walking distance from the hotel.

Plus, at the ground floor of the hotel, an amazing ice cream shop will thrill your senses with incredible desserts!

Concorde Old Bucharest Hotel has the tradition of organizing viewing parties of the most important football matches. It’s the perfect opportunity to socialize and make new friends over a pint of beer downstairs from your room!

If you’re ready to pack your bags for Bucharest, make sure to use the simple booking form to book your room for a perfect vacation! Bucharest, as well as Concorde Old Bucharest Hotel, will be thrilled to have you as a guest!


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