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The Village Museum in Bucharest, a magical place this holiday season

What surprises could a capital city hold for locals and tourists? Which amazing concept could take everybody by surprise? In Romania’s capital city’s case, the answer is the Dimitrie Gusti Village Museum Bucharest.

That’s right: in the middle of the biggest and most important city of Romania, you will discover a small village, showcasing traditional Romanian village life. The Village Museum Bucharest is an open-air ethnographic museum located in Herăstrău Park, in the northern part of the city.

A total number of 272 authentic Romanian farms and houses from all over the country can be admired in the museum.

Let’s explore!


A short history of the Village Museum in Bucharest


The idea of an outdoor museum arrived in Romania around the second half of the nineteenth century. Eventually, the  Village Museum in Bucharest  was opened in 1936 by Dimitrie Gusti - who was also the founder of the Sociological School in Bucharest, Victor Ion Popa, and Henri H. Stahl. Considering the Romanian Village Museum in Bucharest  as a sociological museum, Professor D. Gusti and his collaborators considered that their mission was to present visitors the reality, the life of the village, as it was experienced by the Romanian peasant.

In its early stage, and between 1936-1940, the Village Museum in Bucharest had 4.5 ha  of land; nowadays, the museum has over 100,000 m². So you can be sure that there are many sights for you to see and photograph!

Check out the Permanent Exhibition of Vernacular Architecture presenting households, churches, annexes, installations and even an inn; a visit to this museum is like a trip though the whole country, as the buildings you will have the chance to see are specific to different regions of Romania.

In the winter, the sights are even more spectacular than usual - they look like they are part of a fairy tale.

During this period, many events with a traditional touch are being organised at the Village Museum. Get ready to listen and sing Christmas carols and see a Christmas Concert on December 9th. During the 14th and the 16th of December, The National Village Museum invites you to the Christmas and New Year's Traditions and Customs Festival titled "Florile Dalbe"/ ”White Flowers”. You will have the opportunity to see and learn about the traditional Romanian folk costumes and masks, activities and rituals. Do not miss this opportunity to see the authentic  Romanian holiday spirit!

You can also participate, until the 21st of December, in the campaign ”You too can be Santa Claus!”/ ”Și tu poți să fii Moș Crăciun!”, by donating toys, clothes, and/or sweets to the children of the Holy Trinity Parish in Ilfov County, Romania.

Considering the cold winter outside, and the warmth and comfort of our rooms, you might be tempted to stay inside Concorde Old Bucharest Hotel; we insist that our recommendation to visit a unique and wonderful museum in Bucharest, the Village Museum, is a choice you are not going to regret making.


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